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    Photoshop crawling since last update.


      The Brush is slow and lags by 30 seconds, the Pen tool is slow and lags by 30 seconds.  Zooming in and out lags.  WHAT is going on ?


      I'm on a Mac, with 32 gigs ram, running OS X El Capitan, ATI Radon HD 5870 with 1gig ram.  Up till now everything was fine.  I did the update today and now Photoshop is now getting unusable.

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          JRfromPTC Level 3

          Last update meaning CC 2017? and what version were you on before?


          Also, Just in case, here's the Photoshop system requirements for CC 2017.

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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            I assume the OP means 2017.1 just released

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              arakotchian Level 1

              Hi Folks


              Yeah, Update 2017.1   I've been using Adobe CC since they started it.


              Runs fine for about 10 minutes then starts slowing down.  Clone brush lags, you do your clone motion and watch it clone in slow motion.  The pen tool lags, you select a point and have to wait.  Zooming in and out lags.  I'm not working on anything different than I was last week before the update.  Another thing I noticed, you zoom in and out a few times and it starts screwing up the masks on layers. Weird square blocks of the mask get switched form black to white, or white to black.  you zoom out they are back to normal, you zoom in and they're messed up.  Etc etc....   Oh and a new one, there is now an almost 1 minute wait before it starts saving a file.  WTF!


              Everything else on the computer runs fine though, browser, email client, no lag, no issues.  I checked with Activity monitor, Photoshop isn't eating up CPU, its not pegged at 100% or anything, and the memory its using is normal for what I've assigned it.


              So, so far, I've tried various settings for the GPU stuff, and then ended up disabling it all together for only a slight improvement.  Gave it more ram in the settings, that didn't do anything noticeable.  Tried the different "Optimizations", again nothing improved.


              I'm in the middle of a project so I can't just uninstall and re-install and hope things work.


              I'm refraining  from updating my other machines.  Now I'm afraid to see what happned to Illustrator and the other programs.  I dont' want to look!