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    Can anyone tell me if Lightroom CC 6.9 supports Nikon D5300 RAW images ?

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      In  preparing for a rather long  (6200+ miles) journey on a racing sailboat, and documenting with still and Video, I decided to get rid of Apple's abomination "Photos" which has singlehandedly turned  26,000+ GREAT photos over 13 years  into 37,000+ pieces of lord knows what. DONE with Apple photo products for good now.


      So I just purchased the latest and greatest Lightroom CC (sure would have liked to know it was the 2015 version before I prepaid he whole year) , I have asked and searched and I can't seem to find out if my newly activated LightRoom  20165 Oops I mean CC will support my Nikon D5300 RAW files?  All I seem to be getting is links to tethering. 

      I'm going to be hundreds of miles offshore for 45-55 days, NO INTERNET after today's activations and probably once more before I leave, I just retired from a CTO position of 1decades, from a very large IT company (does anyone remember what 2001 Space Oddessy's "HAL" computer was poking fun at ?, it's that company)

      I am NOT a cloud fan at all, but I'm assured that after activation and within 99 days I'm ok which won't really matter if I can't find out if Lightroom w9ll actually support my camera.


      I asked the person in pre-sales on Chat but I never got a Y/N answer, lots of well if this... Or if you do..  I just want a YES or NO

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Nikon D5300 has been supported since Lightroom 5.3

          Cameras supported by Camera Raw


          So Lightroom CC definitely supports it.

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            pworcester Level 1


            Thank you very much for the reply, very much appreciated. I'm old and stuck in my ways, moving to Lightroom in combination with the image editor i've used for years now, given that if I happen to get one shots rounding cape hope, on the Iceberg watch and I lose therm, I'd probably opt to open the life raft, jump in and i go where i go. (jk)

            So far my headache is 100% unwinding all the "Apple Photos" app that has just devastated 13+ years of great outdoor photos. What it thinks are "originals" are the cached thumbnail, OUCH !  Photos has yet to have a "reliable" 3rd party app that removes duplicates, which is not fun at all.


            On the plus side, my hard core editor of choice for years, ON1 Photo's app is SOO well integrated into Lightroom for hardcore editing, it ALMOST makes up for Photos, blatant massive destruction of some great photos.


            Thanks again, for the patience with the "newbie" and your reply.