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    Flash builder AIR App with EV code signing certificate

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      I have a Extended validation code signing certificate from global sign. I have it generated on given token (an USB key). According to them it can't be copied or exported to file system. As we inject this, it appears in keychain on Mac and on MMC (Microsoft management console >> certificate).


      On Flash builder, there is only one option to browse the certificate while your are exporting the build.


      Can any one help me to figure out: How Flash builder can load the code signing certificate from keychain on mac and from MMC on Windows.




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          Hi Chuck,
          I've recently had this issue. I couldn't find away to sign our app in Flash Builder with the USB token.


          It can be done on the command line / terminal however.


          In the case of windows (I don't have this setup on a mac):


          • Install / Import the cert via Internet options in the control panel: Content > Certificates > Import (You may get lucky and have the certificate installed)
          • Make a note of the 'Issued to:' field this will be your alias
          • Make sure you have the key inserted and drivers installed
          • Export Build Release in Flash Builder selecting the "Intermediate AIRI package that must be manually signed later" option
          • Open up the command prompt
          • Enter the following (replacing YOURALIAS, YOURPASSWORD and file paths with the appropriate items):
            adt -sign -tsa http://timestamp.digicert.com/ -storetype Windows-MY -alias "YOURALIAS" -storepass YOURPASSWORD  -keypass YOURPASSWORD "path/to/file.airi" "path/to/file.air"
            I have no idea which one is needed out of -storepass & -keypass (if any)
          • This should then open a window titled "Token Logon"
          • Enter your "Token Password" and click ok
          • adt should then get busy signing your app




          • I'm using the 32bit version of the JDK
          • You'll need to make sure that you have adt and java in your environment variables
          • The store type Windows-MY has only been supported since JDK v1.6 so make sure thats updated
          • My flash builder targets apache flex 4.16.0 sdk with air v23


          Hope this helps you out!