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    Windows 10 Phone Browser

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      The Problem

      When in "desktop" mode, Windows 10 Phone’s Edge browser performs exactly as the Windows 10 desktop/laptop Edge browser, except where a web page requires Adobe Flash Player.  If a web page requires Adobe Flash Player, that page states “Adobe Flash Player needs to be activated” and offers a link to the following Adobe web page:  Adobe Flash Player issues with Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge) .   Clicking on this link doesn’t solve the problem because there is no way to download and integrate Adobe Flash Player into the Windows 10 Phone’s Edge browser.

      What’s Needed

      1. The existing Adobe Flash Player app for Windows desktops/laptops needs to be converted to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, so the app can be downloaded and integrated into the Windows 10 Phone Edge browser.  I speak for all Windows 10 Phone users when I ask Adobe Flash Player developers to please create this UWP app.
      2. If Adobe’s developers can’t convert the Windows desktop/laptop app to a UWP app for the Windows 10 Phone Edge browser, please have enough courtesy and respect for Community Forum Members to explain why it can’t be done. If the problem with providing Adobe Flash Player support for the Windows 10 Phone is with Microsoft, why not let Community Forum Members know this.  Then, those of us with Windows 10 Phones can go lobby Microsoft to develop the needed fix or upgrade that will allow an Adobe Flash Player UWP app to integrate with Windows 10 Phone's Edge browser.


      Perhaps it is not Adobe’s intention to do this,  BUT it come across as very disrespectful  to Community Forum Members when Adobe’s Support Staff refuses to answer questions about Windows 10 Phone support, OR,  Support Staff just simply declares that Adobe doesn’t support it, period.   

      Beginning with Windows 10, the Uniform Windows Platform (UWP) has become the new standard for Windows apps, so it is very difficult to understand why Adobe refuses to support this standard for all Windows 10 devices!  Microsoft claims to have published software developer kits to make it easy to port Windows desktop/laptop apps to new Uniform Windows Platform (UWP) apps that work across all Windows 10 devices. 


      Adobe, PLEASE CREATE an Adobe Flash Player UWP app to integrate with all Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Phones!