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    I broke smart collections and now I need a work around


      I've accumulated 130,000 and although they're all nicely organised and backed up, 50% should be deleted on sight followed by another 40% after a closer look. I have had this problem for many years. A month ago, decided to tackle it head on after seeing what a poor job google / apple did with reminding me of a set of photos I took 'on this day in history'.


      I started on 6th March with a smart filter to give me every image I have taken on the 6th March. I had hoped I could do this with one filter, day = 6th, month = March but that wasn't possible. I had to create 14 lines for the years 2003 through to 2017.


      Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.28.17.png

      For the 7th March, I duplicated and edited all 14 lines replacing 6th with 7th. A few weeks in on 20th March, I had finished March and started on April but thought there has to be a better way of cutting and pasting and changing 14 lines. I exported the last smart collection to file which gave me a mark up text file which was pretty easy to read. I edited the file and imported and it worked. I then wrote a simple python script to create 365 filters. I imported all of April and it worked. When I imported the other ten months, half worked an half didn't. There was no number after the filter name and rather than a grid of pictures, the middle panel was just grey. I can fix the problem by optimising the catalogue but it takes a couple of hours. When i restart LR none of the filters return anything.


      I appear to have reached some kind of limit on LR which I can't find any documentation on. I've always used Smart Filters extensively and already had a few hundred but never had this problem.


      Is there a better way for me to return all the images taken on this day in history? Anyone know of some behind the scenes settings to overcome smart filter limits. I'm running the latest version of LR (1215.9) on OSX Sierra 10.12.4. with quad core  4GHz i7 and 32GB of ram, so not short on performance. The catalogue is on a fast internal SSD.