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    Lightroom is very slow on high-end PC.


      Okay, I have read plenty of other forums before posting, including ones published by Adobe themselves obviously. I have tried every single fix mentioned. First off, my specs are fine, but you can find those below. For brevity's sake, it's an professional-grade custom PC on Windows 10. To name just a few off the top of my head: I've tried running LR with GPU acceleration enabled or disabled, no difference (although GPU is confirmed to be supported). I have 150GB of cache, didn't seem to matter. LR Software, cache, photos, and catalog are on a prosumer-grade SSD with plenty of extra space. Tried forcing app to run in dual-core, (but reverted back to multi-core when that killed my performance even worse).


      No matter what I do, Lightroom is very slow. Rendering is fast enough I suppose, but developing is so sluggish. I render 1:1 previews before starting every new job, and it's doesn't even seem to matter. Adding radial filters, using the adjustment brush, straightening angles, and even adjusting exposure takes multiple seconds to see and register every change, I can't afford to work like this. By the way, my collections aren't thousands-deep, just a lit over a hundred photos at a time. Not sure if that'd matter or not.


      I have seen tons of forum posts with users having the same issue as me despite many having similar to higher-spec PC's. My co-worker uses Lightroom 5 on an outdated Macintosh, and it runs much better than it does on my modern system with modern software. I don't get it? Is there something I'm missing here? Because I really don't want to be another one of those people who talk smack and say that Adobe doesn't care to streamline & optimize due to lack of competition.



      • Intel i7 6700K at 4.3GHz
      • 16GB Performance RAM in dual channel mode at 3200MHz
      • nVidia GTX 970 (updated graphics drivers regularly)
      • SSD's
      • Windows 10 Pro
      • Single Acer Predator XB1 2560x1440 Monitor

      Temperatures are just fine, memory, disk, and processor utilization never surpass a 50% load, even during long and intensive renders. Another note: Adobe Photoshop, and Premier Pro run pretty much great, I don't have any problem with these applications holding me up. If I can edit 4K video without proxy files, I should be well-equipped to handle to some pretty basic photo development.


      Any help would really be appreciated, please and thank you.