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    Accessing Typekit on a computer that has a device license?


      Hello Everyone,


      I manage a computer lab at a college, and we have creative cloud (Education/Device License) on all of our machines. One of the classes offered is typography, and some of the students use certain fonts from Typekit. They would like to access their fonts, but that means they would have to log in with their Adobe ID to do that. The problem is, after they log out, the device license on the computer somehow breaks or changes to a named-user license. From that point on, whoever uses the computer has to log in to creative cloud with their personal Adobe ID to launch any of the apps. In order to revert it back to a device license, I have to go on to the computer and run the license package (Adobe Serialization file) to change it so it doesn't ask for a sign in anymore.


      Is there any way of allowing students to access Typekit features on computers with device licenses, without having to log in to AdobeCC?