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    How can I put custom watermark in my pictures using Adobe Photoshop?


      Hello members,

      How can I put a custom watermark logo on every pictures of my blog.

      There are many pictures on my blog where I need to put my blog's URL as a logo.

      I am newbie and I don't have enough knowledge of photoshop and its tools.Can someone please tell me how can I create a logo???

      My blog URL is (Link removed by Moderator) and you can check those pictures visiting my blog where I want to put a watermark logo.

      I have seen many images using there own custom watermark and i asked them then they said they used photoshop

      Please tell me step by step procedure for doing this???

      Can i use photoshop to sharpen some blurr images as well?

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          There are a few ways but here is one:


          Make the Watermark with a text or shape layer - just click on the type tool position the cursor and type (I've used white text below)


          Reduce the fill value of the layer (look in the layers panel and adjust "Fill %) so the background shows through (I've used 16% in the example). Reducing the fill value makes the centre transparent but retains any layer styles which I will add next.


          Right click on the text layer, choose Blending Options then under the Layer Styles menu tick Bevel & Emboss



          For your second question on sharpening - look at the Filter menu - for various sharpening filters.



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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here is a  copy of a Tech Sheet I wrote for my students. You may find it useful.



            How to Embed Your Copyright Notice


            The first place to embed your copyright notice is in the file name tab, as shown here:

                                   jpg filename.jpg

               Choose File > File Info… and near the bottom of the Description tab fields use the down arrow to change Copyright Status from Unknown to Copyrighted. In the Copyright Notice field choose the Type tool and enter the copyright symbol (Opt+G) and name. You may also enter data in the other fields for record keeping purposes. The © will appear in the file name line for that file.


            Later, if you choose File > Save for Web … use the down arrow to change the Metadata field on the right of the Save for Web screen from None to Copyright.


                                             copyright comp.jpg

                 There are many watermark copyright designs on the web. The ones shown here are among the more popular versions. This is how it is created:


            Open the file containing the image. Choose the Type tool.

            Choose a bold face (Ariel Black was used in the sample above) and key in the © symbol (Opt+G). The choice of Foreground Color is unimportant unless you would like to see a light tint of it in the symbol. Otherwise the effect will be similar to the version shown above. Add other type to the line or simply present a large © symbol overlaying the image, if you prefer. To alter the size of the copyright line choose Edit > Transform > Scale, then hold down the Shift key and drag one of the corner handles of the Transform frame diagonally up or down. OK.


            Double-click on the Type layer in the Layers panel and when the Layer Style menu appears, checkmark Drop Shadow. Then double-click on the words “Drop Shadow” to bring up its menu. Adjust the Structure sliders to produce the desired degree of shadow. Check mark: Use Global Light.


            Checkmark Bevel & Emboss and confirm that Use Global Light is checked. Then Click OK twice to close the Layer Style menu.


            In the Layers panel drag the Fill field down to 0%. The foreground color of the © symbol will disappear, leaving the Layer Style. If, at this point, the resulting watermark is too intense, use the Opacity slider in the layers panel to lighten it. If you would like to include a very light tint of the Foreground Color in the copyright mark, move the Fill slightly off 0%.


            Important: Save the layered file. Then save a flattened version of the file for use and display beyond your studio. The purpose for keeping the layered version is that its type layer and its Style may be dragged into other images and resized if necessary by choosing Edit > Transform > Scale.



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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Scripts and Actions can add a watermark and these can be batched.


              Crafting Actions Package UPDATED Aug 10, 2014 Added Conditional Action steps to Action Palette Tips.




              Hers is a script that is easy to modify the first three var statement can customize the script for your watermark.  You may only need to change the first.  The script places your logo on the bottom right of your image.  The script can be used in an action.  The action can easily add a layer style and re-position the watermark that has been placed in sized for the document and positioned to the bottom right.

              #target photoshop;  
              var logoFile = "~/Desktop/JJMack.png"; // Watermark file should be large for resize down works better than up
              var LogoSize = 10; // percent of document height to resize Watermark to
              var LogoMargin = 1;                                         // percent of Document height the Watermark should have as a margin
              placeWatermark(logoFile, LogoSize, LogoMargin);             // Place Watermark  into the bottom right of document
              function placeWatermark(Image,Size,Margin){  
                if(!documents.length) return;   // if no document return
                var doc = app.activeDocument; // set Doc object to active document
                app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO; // Dialog off 
                var strtRulerUnits = app.preferences.rulerUnits; // Save Users ruler units 
                var strtTypeUnits = app.preferences.typeUnits; // Save Users Type units 
                app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS; // work with pixels 
                app.preferences.typeUnits = TypeUnits.PIXELS; // work with pixels 
                var fileObj = new File(Image);                 // the passed file
                if(!fileObj.exists){   // If file does not exits tell user 
                alert(fileObj.name  + " does not exist!");  
                placeFile(fileObj); // Place in file the Watermark png file
                activeDocument.activeLayer.resize(100 ,100,AnchorPosition.MIDDLECENTER); // Insure Place did not scale layer  
                var SB = activeDocument.activeLayer.bounds; // get layers bounds 
                var layerHeight = SB[3] - SB[1]; // get layers height  
                var resizePercent = (100/layerHeight)*(Size/100*doc.height.value); // Percent to resize by 
                activeDocument.activeLayer.resize(resizePercent ,resizePercent,AnchorPosition.MIDDLECENTER);  // Resize width and height by percentage 
                SB = activeDocument.activeLayer.bounds; // get resized layers bounds  
                activeDocument.activeLayer.translate(-SB[0].value,-SB[1].value); // Move resized layer to top left canvas corner 
                var LayerWidth = (SB[2].value - SB[0].value);  
                var LayerHeight = (SB[3].value - SB[1].value);  
                marginSize = Margin/100*doc.height.value; // move resized watermark into the document lower right corner with some margin
                activeDocument.activeLayer.translate((doc.width.value -marginSize - LayerWidth),( doc.height.value -marginSize - LayerHeight));
                catch(e) { alert(e + ': on line ' + e.line); } // inform user of error  
                app.preferences.rulerUnits = strtRulerUnits; // Restore user ruler units  
                app.preferences.typeUnits = strtTypeUnits; // Restore user type units    
              function placeFile(placeFile) {  
                  var desc21 = new ActionDescriptor();  
                  desc21.putPath( charIDToTypeID('null'), new File(placeFile) );  
                  desc21.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID('FTcs'), charIDToTypeID('QCSt'), charIDToTypeID('Qcsa') );  
                  var desc22 = new ActionDescriptor();  
                  desc22.putUnitDouble( charIDToTypeID('Hrzn'), charIDToTypeID('#Pxl'), 0.000000 );  
                  desc22.putUnitDouble( charIDToTypeID('Vrtc'), charIDToTypeID('#Pxl'), 0.000000 );  
                  desc21.putObject( charIDToTypeID('Ofst'), charIDToTypeID('Ofst'), desc22 );  
                  executeAction( charIDToTypeID('Plc '), desc21, DialogModes.NO );  


              Use something like Image Processor Pro to batch process you image file. IPP is a free download it very excellent Plug-in.

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