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    Red+Blue dots in dark areas?

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      So I use my DJI Mavic Pro to get aerial photos and I took this photo right before sunrise. The drone stores the same photo (i believe lower resolution) onto my phone & on the microSD. When I view it on my phone, I do not see any red or blue dots; only when its in LR CC the red & blue dots become visible--I also used update LR CC on 4/8/17. I asked around in the DJI drone community+forums and it appears it is NOT associated with the drone (I flew my drone a few hours after & no dots appeared; this is the first time I've seen this on LR CC while editting drone shots), and some people told me to ask around in the LR community.


      -Highlight+Shadow Clipping is OFF

      -Dots are still visible after exporting is from DNG >> JPEG


      #1 Slightly editted to emphasize how many dots there are; DNG file

      #2 3:1 of the bottom L corner


      #3 Original from my PHONE (cached from drone); no dots present

      #4 Another shot from my drone; dots still visible but less severe; DNG file