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    Panasonic G85 - Camera Calibration / Profiles (missing)


      I just notice that for the brand new GH5 Lightroom shows all possible "picture styles" mapped in the profile section (like Standard, Natural, Vivid, etc).

      But for the older G85 (which I have) it doesn't. It just shows "Adobe Standard".


      It is weird because I am running the latest Lightroom CC (2015.9) and Camera Raw (9.9), and that combination suppose to work with the Panasonic G80/G81/G85 as stated in the Camera Raw compatibility chart:


      Cameras supported by Camera Raw

      LUMIX DMC-G8
      (DMC-G80, DMC-G81, DMC-G85)


      So, what is wrong? I though it was a lens issue or a firmware issue, so I already updated all my lenses and my body to the latest firmware, and I tried to take pictures with all lenses and none of them work.


      The other strange thing is that looks like Lightroom is properly detecting my camera/lens combination, because if I generate a X-Rite CC profile it actually shows up!