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    Restored LR catalog doesn't find all photos


      My external hard drive where my photos and LR catalog files were located died. I have 2 back-ups. I restored from my Seagate back-up drive to a new external hard drive. The folders, photos, and catalog all show there & have data. But when I open LR, there is one folder (with my most recent work) that shows zero sub-folders or photos. When I look on the External drive, they are all there. So far, all the other folders are working properly. It seems I have three options:

      • Try to restore the LR catalog folder again from the Seagate backup copy
      • Try to restore the LR catalog from within LR, from the LR backup
      • Import all the folders and photos that are missing - but I think I would lose any edits I had done on them.

      Any help and advice would be appreciated!