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    selective edits are compromised on HTC 10, and can't edit CR2 files?


      Here's what happened on my HTC 10 device running Android 7.0:


      I have imported several photos into LR mobile, including some CR2 files.

      When I tried to edit DNG files, everything works fine, except for the new function released lately on Android devices--selective edits.

      Every time when I tapped on the rightest icon, which appeared to be Selective Edits, also with a tiny star on it, it led me to a instructive page, as follows:


      when I tapped "Learn More", it led me to your website introducing the new feature. When I tapped "Not Now", it led me back to the edit page, but still unable to do selective edits.

      I am still wondering whether this function is still unavailable to HTC 10 devices, or limited to paid account, since I am currently using the free account.

      Any help?


      Also, it appears that I can't edit CR2 files as well.

      Besides the problem I mentioned above also occurs on CR2 file editing, no matter what icon I tap, it always lead me to the same instructive page above.

      And there's nowhere else I can edit. Is this supposed to happen?

      Thank you.