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    LR not functioning

    jakher1927 Level 1

      I am having a problem in LR 6 when I go from the Library module to the Develop module and it stops functioning.  I get the following notification each time.




                "Adobe Photoshop has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."



      I hope someone has some ideas.


      Herman J.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          After Lr stops, look at a crash log for clues. (Maybe the Graphics drivers are a problem)

          Photoshop Elements Editor Help | How to Find Crash Logs on Windows


          Adobe has a trouble-shooting guide for a similar problem-

          Troubleshooting guide for errors that can occur when you change modules in Lightroom

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            jakher1927 Level 1





            I want to thank you for your suggestions but want to make you aware of something with Microsoft Windows.




            I had contacted Microsoft Assured regarding the fact that my computer was running slow and in particular LR was very sluggish.  After working with them my system performance improved and I was happy.  Unfortunately the following day I found my system to be back to its same sluggish performance.  Upon contacting them again with a level 2 tech it was decided to install a new update Windows 10, schedule to be released on April 11, to deal with my performance issues.  It was installed and then my real problems started. 




            1.     I found in LR that if I tried to move from the Library module to the Develop module LR stopped working and I had to exit.  This had never happened before!

            2.     My Western Digital file for my external drives disappeared and I connect to my external drive.

            3.     I could no longer connect to my Brother printer.

            4.     My screen saver went black.

            5.     At this time I have no idea if other programs may be affected as well.




            Today another Microsoft tech rolled back my Windows to the previous version and that eliminated my problems noted other than having to reload programs and things are back to normal.




            I strongly suggest that anyone with a Windows system not get the forthcoming update until these issues are resolved.  If you have an automatic update set you should turn it off.




            We hope this helps other in not experiencing my problems.




            Herman Jakubowski