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    I'm back with new tutorials.

    jessem42288678 Level 2

      Hey all,

      I've been busy taking care of family. I am just now catching up.

      There is a new tutorial coming, The Two Most Important Files for Cordova/Phonegap.

      After that I'm working on an example App that uses Twitter and Firebase.

      Soon there after, I will be working on another IoT application, as yet undecided.

      As always, if you have any questions for me personally, just inbox me, otherwise

      I will be answering off the forum.


      My tutorials for beginners remains as always on the following blogs:

      http://codesnippets.altervista.org/blog/ <-- Catch All ! !@

      http://codesnippets.altervista.org/phonegap.html   <-- Demo Apps

      Javascript Snippets | Useful JavaScript Snippets  <-- Javascript & HTML5

      Unbot | Hybrid Devlopment for Mobile <-- Tasks related to Mobile Development

      Entrepreneur's Dogfood | Entrepreneurs' Dish it out <--For Enterpreneurs

      https://dronentrepreneurs.wordpress.com/ <--Brand New


      Cheers All