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    RDS CRUD Wizard HELP

      Ok I used the RDS CRUD Wizard which is an extension for Flex3. I created Bean/DAO style CRUD CFCs using the wizard which gave me the following files

      A Bean CFC, also called a Value Object, which contains the property definitions and get and set methods.
      The DAO CFC, which contains the following methods:
      read(primary key value)

      create(cfc instance)

      update(cfc instance)

      delete(cfc instance)

      Data Service assembler CFC, which includes a Bean (also referred to as a Value Object), a DAO CFC, and an assembler CFC. The assembler CFC is required to take advantage of the Flex Data Services feature.

      Now that I have these CFCs, HOW do I use them in Flex? In other words how do I send parameters into these CFCs in Flex and return results.

      Such as letting me send in a primary key and getting Content back (string).