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    LR6 install on new computer? [Unable to locate serial number]

    tm255 Level 1

      I had LR4 on a computer running Mac OS 10.12.4.


      I purchased from Adobe online the upgrade to LR6 (Note: this is the standalone software, NOT creative cloud).


      I installed this upgrade ton LR6.  During the upgrade process I had to type in the serial number for LR4.


      Now, I am migrating to a new computer running Mac OS 10.12.4.


      How do I install the LR6 on this new computer?  LR6 has been migrated to the new computer, but when I opened it I was asked for the serial number.  I was not provided a serial number for the LR6 upgrade that I purchased, so I tried the serial number on the box that LR4 came in.  I got a message that the serial number is not valid.


      What do I do now?