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    Applescript: activate not working when CameraRAW plug-in active in newest version of Photoshop CC 2017

    maxwyss Level 4

      In an automatization project, we are using Applescript and System Events to do some actions in the CameraRAW plug-in. The process control entity opens a RAW file (in the CameraRAW plug-in). Then it starts an Applescript.


      In the versions prior to the very last update,


      tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC 2017"


      -- and more code follows

      end tell


      brings Photoshop in the foreground and the "more code follows" code gets executed.


      After the update to version 20170309.r.207, the script hangs at the activate command (as confirmed in ScriptDebugger 6 in Debug mode). I can only speak for macOS Sierra, as I don't have access to older OSX versions at the moment; it may just be this combo.


      When the CameraRAW plug-in is not active, the activate command works as intended.


      Could anyone confirm this, and if someone from the relevant product team verify this effect.


      Any hint for a workaround would be highly appreciated.