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    Hunspell is not working for InDesign 2017 if it is run on Sierra (10.12.+)

    Sigurdur Armannsson Level 2

      I started this on another thread three months ago but need to do it again.


      I have installed Hunspell for my language, (Icelandic but the issue is in other dictionaries too), into InDesign CC 2017 on various macs using various systems. Used the same way I have used since ID CS6 up to 2015.

      It all works well, except on macs using the Sierra (10.12.2) system.


      The issue did not change in the 2017.1 upgrade. I am starting to think that Hunspell users have not upgraded their system for a while.


      Has anyone had a similar situation with their Hunspell installs? Has anyone found they needed to do something differently while installing?