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    Apha RGB lower thirds Glitching in Avid

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      Hello Everyone,


      I am having some issues with importing Alpha RGB titles in Avid Media Composer. I am importing these Alpha RGB transparent text and lower thirds into Avid than I am cutting them into the timeline and they are glitching the footage when I lay the text over the footage. I must be doing something wrong that is causing this issue. I know it's not a hardware issue. I am running windows by the way. I  am editing in avid 1920X 1080 29.97. When I remove the Alpha text I don't get glitchy jumps in my video. ThankYou for your help.


      These are my settings for Alpha RGB from AE


      RGB+Alpha Quicktime


      Color: Premultiplied Matted


      Format Options Animation



      Importing into Avid


      Alpha Channel-Invert on import White=Opaque


      Image Size Adjustment-Image Sized for Current Format


      Color levels


      Scale from Full Range to legal range


      Autodetect sequentially numbered files


      I have brought these in MXF 45 and 100 still same problem.