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    Korean text won't display

    kater49449336 Level 1

      I am having trouble with a text translated into Korean displaying properly in Indesign (and PDF exports).


      The file was laid out in English first. I saved a copy, then pasted in Korean text and converted the text to YuGothic, but all I'm seeing is x-ed out boxes.


      I followed the same procedure as I already used to swap out the English text with Chinese text (in PingFang) and Japanese text (in YuMincho). Those both worked fine.


      The malfunctioning Korean text is not highlighted in pink, the way it appears when one doesn't *have* the selected font. Instead it's appearing as boxes. YuGothic appears in my dropbox list of fonts as an Open Type font, just like YuMincho and PingFang do.


      What am I missing? How can I get this font to display properly?