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    3D Issues - model moving?


      Hi there! I'm trying to create a basic cookie cutter in photoshop and I've run into a problem that just started last night. I've been making these cutters the SAME exact way for weeks now, and suddenly last evening it started moving the model and just not working as it had been.


      I'm sure I've inadvertently muffed up a setting somewhere but I'm really a novice with photoshop and can't for the life of me figure out where I went wrong


      After extruding my 2 layers (paths) and merging them into 1 3D design - I always select both layers ( cutter and base layer ) and rotate them -90 degrees to get them to lay flat on the surface. Now suddenly when I enter the -90 on the X it moves the entire model to the upper right corner instead of keeping it in the center of the window and sends it all out of whack.


      Any ideas what I could possibly have done wrong? Screen shot attached to show where my model ends up after entering -90 on the X axis


      ETA : I've removed the preferences files and started over from scratch and I'm still running into the same issues. I can not for the life of me figure out what I muffed up!