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    List of synonyms for indexing

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      Is there such a thing anywhere as a list of common synonyms for use when creating indexes for software help? For example, I have just added 'Pods' to my index and am thinking of other terms that users might search on such as 'Floating windows'.
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          I don't know of any and I suspect that part of the problem is the specialization of different software products - each having its own jargon. It is difficult to create a good index because what the programmers call something usually doesn't make sense to the user unversed in the vocabulary of the development tool. We use Visual C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class libraries and it is sometimes helpful to read their help and descriptions of items to pick up a few terms. Also our software does a lot of statistical analysis of data designed for those not so conversant in math. So, for example, what the statisticians call a "prediction," our typical user might think of as a "measurement." My point here is that you are unlikely to find everything you need in one source. Your developers and users (do you have beta testers available?) are probably your best source.

          However, I think a good index is worth the time and effort. If only search engines had been created by librarians...

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            The best I could come up with is the Microsoft Computer Dictionary. If you have the MS Style Guide is comes as part of the enclosed CD. Otherwise it is the book purchase option.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              The RoboHelp Spell Checker actually has a synonym dictionary. The problem is, getting at it.

              Might be worth suggesting to the development team that we be able to right-click a term and see something like Spelling > Thesaurus on the context menu. Click here to view the WishForm/Bug Reporting Form

              Also, if you were to use the Smart Index Wizard, it offers an ability to find synonyms for words.

              Cheers... Rick