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    RoboHelp Search - Customization?

      I'm interested in whether RoboHelp allows customization of the information displayed when using its Search function on a site. A little background information...

      The website I maintain was constructed through RoboHelp, and is a collaboration of 6 projects under one server. We keep as little content as possible on the actual Topic pages, and instead link to content-heavy files (doc, xls, ppt, pdf, etc.) on another part of the server.

      For a large database of files, we use a coded naming convention (ex: ABC 123 456.doc), which helps organize on the backend. All of these similarly-named files are linked into the Robo site, and therefore show up in the Search as a link to the document, using the file name. This creates an issue because our users are often unfamiliar with the naming convention, and can't tell from the Search results which file they are looking for (even if they know the exact title).

      When a web page from the RoboHelp projects turns up in search results, it displays as "Home Page," not "Home_Page.htm," so I'm hoping there would be a way to make the files display another field of information -- For example, can I edit each document's Properties so the file title reads in the Title field, then have the Search results read from that? If there are no better ways of doing this, my last resort is to rename AND relink over 500 document files.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Are you using RoboServer here as WebHelp Pro has different search functionality than WebHelp?

          For WebHelp, and I believe WebHelp Pro, what you get in the search is the Topic Title and there is no option to change that.

          For WebHelp perhaps ZoomSearch, described and used on my site, would give you something closer to what you want. I don't know whether it is possible to make that work with WebHelp Pro.

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            LowSCSS Level 1
            Thanks for responding so quickly!!

            We use WebHelp Pro... and I was afraid of that. :-/

            Oh well, if anyone has any further suggestions, let me know. :)