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    Drop Down Box Data Not Fully Visible


      I have created a fillable form using Acrobat Pro XI (I have DC but find it harder to use) which incorporated drop down boxes. These drop down boxes are quiet long as they used to select the exact time a particular issue happened (i.e. one box 0-23, another box 0 - 59). The drop down boxes I am given are only the size of the box the results go into, and as a result I always get the scroll bar hiding the right half of the possible selections. Ii have tried making the results box bigger to make the drop down box bigger, but whilst it fixes the drop down vision issues, the results are unable to be justified to the right, so end up looking stupid.


      Does anyone know how to justify the results (e.g. Left, Centre, Right) in the results box?

      Or, does anyone know how to make the results drop down menu larger automatically so the options are not overlaid by the selection slider?


      Thanks for you time and helpScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.06.27 pm.png

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't understand why making the field a bit wider looks "stupid"...

          Anyway, you can align the text in the field to the right if you change its Direction property (under Properties - Appearance), but then the arrow will appear to the left of it.

          Alternatively, you can change the font size of the field so that the text fits in it better. You can use the Auto option to make sure that it always fits.

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            xrayshaggy Level 1

            Thanks for the reply try67.

            The reason I said it looks stupid is that I deal with people who spend all day looking at monitors looking for minuscule changes. Having a gap between the hours number and the ":" will drive them mad. I have already set the appropriate text size for the box as they found changing text "annoying" (as you can see, not an easy user group to deal with).

            As far as aligning the text I don't seem to be able to "Align Right" the text in Properties - Appearance. I can align text in a text fillable field (where the user has to enter text), under Properties - Options, but this option does not appear for me when the data box is a drop down menu.Properties - Appearance.pngProperties - Options ~ Drop Down Box.pngProperties - Options ~ Manual Fill Box.png

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Maybe it's a Windows only feature... This is what I see under the Appearance tab of my drop-down fields:



              And when I change it to "Right to Left" the dropdown looks like this: