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    Editing CS6 from Lightroom6




      I have just recently Up-graded from Lightroom 4 to 6 (I haven't gone CC because of the on going costs and being an Amateur i can't justify it).


      But now when I go to edit in CS6 from Lightroom I get the following pop-up message.


      This Version of LR may require the PS camera raw plug-in 9.9 for full compatibility.

      Please up-date the camera raw plugin using the update tool a available in the photoshop help menu.


      Mine being 9.1.1which is the last update for CS6.  9.9 relates to CC so why even have this message pop-up for CS6.


      At the bottom four options:


      A Tick box: Don't show again


      Render using LR

      Open away


      Can use open away as PS6  seems to opens the raw file with no problems??? (as far as I can see anyway).

      In LR4 it just opened into CS6 with out any messages and was fine.

      My Camera: is Canon 6D with L series 24-105mm lens.


      Or do tick don't show again.


      Thanks Kev

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom 6 has some adjustments that may not translate when the image is transferred to Photoshop. The reason for this is that Photoshop uses your version of camera raw to convert the image as it transfers to Photoshop. Since you are using Lightroom 6 you are "probably" safe using the "open anyway" option because many of the newer features in Lightroom CC are not available to you. If you want to be sure that everything you have done in Lightroom transfers to Photoshop you would want to use the option to render a copy that includes all Lightroom adjustments. The reason you didn't see this choice with Lightroom 4 is that there was no disparity between Lightroom 4 and your version of camera raw.

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            kevrayhay Level 1

            Thanks Jim, that has helped me understand the pop-up message and it sound like it's not too much to worry about.


            It does get confusing and frustrating when you see these messages and try and update only to find your software is up to date and a few updates old.

            This has happened to me before, brought CS5 and a few months later purchased the 6D (didn’t have LR at that time). The first time I import images, found that Raw didn’t support my new camera and Adobe had brought out CS6, so I couldn’t update the raw plugin. More Money!

            Same thing with LR when I brought LR4, two weeks later they brought out 5, you can’t win.

            You think I’d learn!!!

            I do find that editing software is one of the most frustrating parts of photography


            Maybe Adobe should have allowed the raw plugin updates to continue in the more recent software, for a while anyway, as they still allow you to buy the up-grades without any warnings on compatibility side of things.



            Thanks for your help!!!


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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you don't want to have to upgrade Adobe has provided a free alternative. You can always download the free DNG converter. This is a standalone program that you can run to convert your raw images to DNG files that will be compatible with the software you are using now. The DNG files have the same raw image data contained in the original raw files. The data are just in a different container.

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                kevrayhay Level 1

                Thanks for your reply Jim,


                I did do that for a while with CS5 for a before upgrading, found it added to your work flow, I still have DNG files from that period. It just felt messy having them in a different container. I think from what you have told me I can make it work with the LR6 upgrade by using the "render option" or maybe "open anyway".


                All the best



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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I don't know why you consider it messy to have them in a different container, i.e. the DNG file. In the past, I have found myself in situations where I couldn't use the original raw files. So I used the DNG converter as my software to download the images to my computer. Nothing missing about it. But everyone has their own way of doing things, so whatever makes you feel most comfortable is what's best for you.

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                    kevrayhay Level 1

                    Thanks for your help Jim!!!