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    batch import HTML files

    rschwarz100 Level 1
      A developer wrote a chm project describing a database and a set of reports. He also provided the same project in a folder containing the uncompressed HTML files. I need to import all of the HTML files (and re-use the css and images folder with its contents). There are over 500 files in the chm project.

      How can I import the entire content efficiently into an existing webhelp project I created in Adobe RoboHelp 7?

      Is there a chm conversion that I might have missed? I tried out the chm decompiler in RoboHelp. It seems I would still have to import each HTML file one at a time.

      Is there a CLI batch command I can use from the run command in Windows? How would I loop it in DOS? I can try out an example you send and tweak the parameters. It's been decades since I used DOS.