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    Flex builder 3.0 configuration with NWDS: problems


      I am facing problem in configuring FLEX builder 3.0 plugin with NWDS 7.0. When I tried to install the FLEX plugin, it gave me warning to select Eclipse 3.2 or 3.3 version. I ignored the warning(as NWDS built on top of Eclipse 2.0) and installed the FLEX plugin. After launching NWDS, I am unable to see the FLEX capabilities.

      As FLEX builder 3.0 requires Eclipse 3.2 or above, I am wondering If anybody configured FLEX plugin on top of NWDS and using it to develop FLEX applications.

      Appreciate any inputs with respect to configuring FLEX plugin with NWDS.

      Thank you in Advance.

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          Ansury Level 3
          Someone from Adobe might be able to answer more definitely but it's probably just not considered compatible with a modified Eclipse (at least, the installer). It may just be the installer blowing up when it shouldn't. I think Adobe doesn't want to support install configurations that they don't have setup and tested. I had a similar issue once and solved it by doing the following... not sure if it'll work, and it's more of a last resort:

          Setup a regular eclipse install - install the plugin there. Somehow, you'll have to keep track of all the files it adds, either using timestamps or some compare software. It should be a bunch of files and/or folders in the '/plugins' directory, and possibly a few others in '/configuration', maybe '/features'. Take all the new folders and any jar files etc, and drop them into the same folders in your special Eclipse version. Hopefully when you start it up you'll get the Flex functions...

          Of course, you could end up hosing your entire "NWDS" (whatever this is) install. So you probably want to test it out first!