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    Seperate Lightroom for two users




      I want to use a Windows computer with two users that both want to use Lightroom.


      I want the Lightroom to keep the same settings for each user. I want each user just to see their photos in the catalogue, I want each user to see only their presets and I want each user to have their export settings unchanged even if the other one works in the computer in the meantime.


      Extra info:
      It's ok for each user to be able to access the files from the other one, just not to have it all in one cluster
      It's preferred to not having to choose a catalogue since there could be mistakes and wrong one selected.
      I could make dual startup, but that is the last resort because of the money behind extra SSD disk and Windows license.
      I would be ok with buying two Light room licenses.


      Hope someone can help me.