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    Image visible under another image

    dada-auri Level 1

      I've searched the net for tutorials and also this community to solve my problem, but probably I don't use the right keywords.


      I messed with masks and opacity to get an effect I often see, like the one you can find here, where the background is visible trough the woman, yet the woman is still visible and well detailed http://www.digital-news.it/news.php?id=36796


      I either end with the foreground image missing or with it dull and barely visible.


      Any help, please? That's something I've been trying to do for years and always gave up but now I really need it.



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Take a look at layer blending modes (particularly screen).

          For example two layers as below:


          Normal blending mode:



          Top layer changed to screen:


          Top layer changed to multiply:

          Top layer changed to overlay:






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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Notice the lighting? That's the secret. You can't take something shot in flat daylight and get the same effect.


            With two shots like the example you linked to, you just set one of them to Screen blend mode (which mimics a traditional double exposure). It works because of the large areas in darkness.


            If you post the images you want to use, you might get more specific advice - despite what we like to think here, we*re not clairvoyant

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              dada-auri Level 1

              Thanks a lot, that's probably what I missed. Back to my experiments!

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                dada-auri Level 1

                Thank you, I never thought about that could be also a problem of day/night lights. I'm working with images I bought at a stock images sites and their TOS doesn't allow me to post them as they are (my tries so far have been so unsuccessful that they are still as the original, one or the other). Otherwise I would have posted them

                But even without posting them, your reply has been very helpful, thanks