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    Select keyframe at CTI / Playhead.


      I've been trawling through the internet to get to the bottom of this but cannot find it anywhere, sorry if I just wasn't looking hard enough and there's and easy answer.


      Premiere has some great keyboard functionality now but AE not so much. I have found I can change my shortcuts in the text file but I just can't find something that resembles something similar to Premiere's selecting at playhead feature.


      Specifically I want to be able to have my playhead over an exact keyframe so I can select it to be able to manipulate it without having to click it with my mouse. That way I can keep my hands on the keyboard without constantly having to go back and forth. The work I'm currently doing means i'll often have to make position changes (simples ones) but many of them and I'm looking to make it as less repetitive as possible and having to go back to the mouse less if I mess up a keyframe. I can add new ones with shortcuts etc but cannot reselect without the mouse.


      Any ideas?