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    installing Premiere elements after trialling


      Hi, This is probably a stupid question but I downloaded the trial version of Premiere Elements and soon decided to buy. Did the whole download thing with that and it seemed to work as expected but it's still the trial version with the watermark!
      Should I have uninstalled the trial first before installing the bought version?
      If i uninstall the trial, I assume I'll have to install the full version again- will I have to download it again?


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional



          When you output (Export and Share) with a trial version it superimposes a watermark as a permanent part of the final file.  After you add the purchased serial number to Premier Elements, you should be able to output a new final file that is identical but without the watermark.  The serial number is typed in in a start up screen.  You should not have to uninstall, re-install or download again.


          It has been awhile since I've had a fresh copy, but it may be that you will find menu choice for installing the serial number.  It might be under the Help menu. 



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            andreap36051885 Level 1

            Thanks, Bill.

            I thought it should be as easy as that but when I downloaded the bought version and installed it, it never asked for a serial number.

            It sounds like I didn't even need to download and install.

            And you are right, before using trial version there's a window asking if you want to buy or not and at the bottom there's a yellow "licence this software" button. Clicked that, followed instructions and all good!