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    Some images do not print when in printed documentation

    diskover Level 1
      I have been encountering this problem for over a year now...

      I maintain over 20 projects in RoboHelp HTML. I have numerous printed document layouts defined. However, in what appears to be random situations, some of my images do not print. They display online just fine, but they are not visible in the printed documentation. Only a blank gap displays where the image should display. And there is no conditional build tag applied to any of these images. The reason I think it is random is because, if I perform the following test, the images print just fine:

      - duplicate the printed documentation layout
      - remove, from the duplicate copy, all of the pages surrounding a page that contains an image that does not print
      - generate the duplicate copy
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          There are several possibilities here as described in Printed Documentation issues on my site. Other possibilities are the amount of RAM available and the last one you will not believe. In the print layout move the book that contains a topic with one or more images that do not print, then generate again. I have seen that fix the issue. I know it is not a solution but it would help to know if that does work.

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            NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
            I had a similar problem with missing images. I never really solved it, but it (apparently) went away. One thing which helped was ensuring that none of my images had filenames containing spaces.

            In addition, selecting Link images rather than Embed can be useful; missing images are then replaced by a red cross which makes it easier to locate the problem.

            Also, in Word, you should uncheck Tools > Options > Print > Update Fields (that is for Word 2003).

            --- Derek