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    Coldfusion 11 on Windows 10


      I wanted to recently switch to apache and leave IIS out of my equation...having nothing to lose, I archived my web sites and removed IIS support, uninstalled CF 11, added apache 2.4, switch to CF 2016 (this is all local only, windows 10 box, fully OS patched) and that was an epic fail.


      So back to IIS and CF 11...epic fail again.  I can, in both cases, get to the administrator AND the default IIS root (localhost/) but when I create a site in IIS, I get no errors, just a blank site.


      I have been looking everywhere over the weekend and everything always seems to blame WSConfig or some missing "stuff" in IIS...maybe no jakarta virtual directory, etc., etc...but none of those things seem to be wrong.  WSConfig seems to operate...the configuration directories have the files, IIS sites (all of them by my choice) have cfide and jakarta virtual directories created in them pointing to the right directories...manual checks on mime types, handlers, isapi filters...everything looks as both I would expect AND as these various internet scribbling suggest.


      Because the response I got from CF 2016 was basically identical, I'm not 100% certain it is an issue with CF 11.  Because I can browse CF page content from the DEFAULT IIS site (localhost/), I'm not convinced it's a communication problem between CF and IIS.  The hosts files is configured and simple.  I can ping the dns names of the sites with no errors (of course all point to local host).  I have another box running 11 on 10 and it's working fine...I've compared all the configurations I can think of end everything looks fine.  Made sure I was fully patched on CF 11 (UPDATE 11).


      I just cannot see anything that suggests these sites should not work.  But I'm tired...and old so frustration is bad for my heart.


      Can anyone point me to something "new" that might give me a clue what to look toward for finding a resolution?

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          haxtbh Level 4

          I assume after you mention the parts about wsconfig that you actually ran the Webserver Configuration Tool? Have you tried running it again and removing the site then re-adding?


          Have you looked at the logs as well? Coldfusion-out.log, coldfusion-error.log, application.log etc. Anything in there to suggest why?

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            MikeCraig Level 1

            Yes, multiple remove and create...everything the config tool is supposed to do is definitely happening.  I can declare that I don't think this has anything to do with CF now so the moderator(s) can close the question.  Ultimately further testing has revealed something has gotten whacked-up (pardon the advanced technical terms) in IIS 10 since NO sites created and mapped with a host header (and etc file updated) works, regardless what code you try to browse in it (cfm, htm, php)...everything fails unless it is in the default IIS root site directory.


            But looking at the logs more is a good idea I had not gotten too and worth at least checking so thank you for the response.


            Of course, if anyone has seen this behavior in IIS, don't hesitate to speak up