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    Lightroom for mobile - how to import images from iPad LR to LR desktop NAS file structure?


      When travelling last week, I used my iPad by uploading my images through Photos and then imported these into LR mobile to review and edit my photos.  These have successfully sync'd to LR desktop, and appear in the 'from LR Mobile', in a collection named Scotland.  So all seems to be working as expected.

      However, this doesn't fit my standard workflow, which is to upload my images straight from SD card to my remote NAS drive in a structured filing approach and then import them into LR (desktop).

      Now my files are somewhere on the MAC HD, not the NAS, and I wish to move them to the standard structure.  I cannot see how to do this, and all the tutorials / help I can find on LR mobile seems to be for the reverse operation - how to take main LR desktop images available in LR mobile.

      So the upshot - How can I get the NEF files, and edits, in the 'from LR Mobile' location moved to the NAS drive into my regular filing structure?

      Thanks for any advice.