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    Windows 10 update

    Leandra_Petzer Level 1

      Since my Windows 10 updated on Thursday 6 April 2017 (automatically - Windows does not allow me to schedule updates) my laptop started freezing. I originally thought Office 365 got corrupt but realised tonight that it is my Adobe DC that is causing the problem.

      The Office plugin is not working?

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Exactly what do you mean by freezing? Is the system totally non-responsive requiring a full power cycle and reboot? Or is just either Acrobat or Office becoming non-responsive but other applications still run?


          There is nothing in Acrobat itself that runs at a system level that can cause a true system freeze. That's why we need to better understand exactly what you are experiencing!


          It would also help if you might explain why you believe Acrobat is the source of the problem and why you are diagnosing the “Office plugin” (we assume you are referring to Acrobat's PDFMaker plugin to Microsoft Office) as “not working.” (Note that whenever Office has any execution problem, it tends to put up a message about various plug-ins and that perhaps they were disabled. Generally, those are false alarms and you can safely re-enable the PDFMaker plugin to Office with no negative consequences!)


          More info and maybe we can better assist you! 


                    - Dov