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    import in RAW from D7200

    Liza Bean

      Hello, in early February,2017 I shot a set of photos in RAW with a newly purchased D7200. At the time I downloaded them onto my laptop on which I have LR 5.7.1 The photos uploaded fine and I was able to edit them as usual. Yesterday I shot another set of pictures in RAW with the exact same body but LR would not recognize the new set. I noticed that the first set I took are marked as tiff and not RAW. At the risk of seeming completely inept, I am throwing myself on the mercy of strangers to see if anyone might have an idea as to what happened here.

      Thanks for any ideas or recommendations.


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know how you would have opened the NEF files in Lightroom 5.7.1. That camera was not supported until Lightroom 6. It's possible that you first open them in the Nikon software and saved them as TIF files  that you then imported into Lightroom. If you want to import the NEF files it will be necessary for you to upgrade. Otherwise, you can use the DNG converter to create DNG copies. The latest version is 9.9, which you might as well use.

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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            The D7200, or any digital camera I know of, does not save files as TIFF so you must have opened and saved these is some other program.  The NEF files were not opened in Lr5.71 as Jim indicated.

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              Liza Bean Level 1

              Thank You for your prompt responses. I will try to figure out what I did before. The only other programs I have on this computer are iPhoto (which I never use), but I see does allow me to upload in RAW, and Affinity photo. What I cannot figure out is how I got them into tiff form. I appreciate your trying to help me


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                Liza Bean Level 1

                I apologize for taking your time here. I think what I did was imported them to iPhoto, then exported them as tiff files and then put them into LR. I do appreciate your help