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    custom naming preset on export


      Hi there!


      I have a small question I couldn't find any answers to while browsing the forums...


      Is it possible to change the default hyphen Lightroom puts to a file name (IMG001-2.jpg) when you press "use unique name" on export, to an underscore (IMG001_2.jpg)?.


      I am a planespotter and therefore have tons of pictures of airplanes which I import, edit, and export using Lightroom. I have my folder I export those images to and I name them by hand. I started using an underscore and adding the number of the photo (e.g. a340.jpg, a340_2.jpg, a340_3.jpg or 777.jpg, 777_2.jpg and so on). I noticed that Lightroom would warn me when it detects a duplicate (which happens quite often as I have to search for the latest number and make mistakes as I'm only human ) and offers the option of using a unique name, which adds a hyphen to the name. That theoretically is pretty practical but as I started off using underscores it doesn't help, as it would export duplicates as e.g. a340_266-2.jpg. It would be really helpful if it was possible to change that feature to an underscore so I could simply name my file "a340", Lightroom then see that a340.jpg is already taken, ask me if I wanted to use unique names, and then find duplicate file names all the way up to a340_266.jpg and finally rename my file to a340_267.jpg.


      Thanks in advance!