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    photoshop problem


      When I insert my photo card into the laptop, I used to be able to go to DCIM and then Cannon and open up a numerical list of the photos, after which I would open them up and they would appear in Photoshop, where I could either work on them or pass.


      Now I do not have that option any more. The only thing I can do is click Photos on my dock, which brings them all up on the screen, and I can mark the ones I want imported, after which the imported photos appear at the top and I can  drag them to the desktop and then to Photoshop. This works, but it's a longer and more cumbersome way, and I am wondering what happened to the DCIM thing.


      Also, I can no longer delete all the photos on Photoshop like I used to be able to when I had the DCIM option. Now I have to delete them individually on the camera.


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