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    Constant Permission Issues With Adobe CC On Mac

    creative_at_cm Level 1

      I am having CONSTANT permissions problems that are seriously undermining my workflow with Adobe CC. I use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator and all are affected. There is something very wrong happening with Adobe CC and Mac permissions when you are using the program on multiple users on the same machine. Perhaps the problem could be solved by installing into each user folder instead of system wide, but that doesn't seem like a sacrifice users should have to make. I get Error Code 16 and a more fatal error of "Unable to launch Adobe InDesign as you may not have sufficient permissions to access the preferences folders. Try deleting the preferences folders and then restart Adobe InDesign." I have changed permissions in Application Support a million times. Sometimes it fixes the problem, but then it comes back. It is a constant and annoying dance. This most recent error I have deleted preferences, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc etc and it won't fix.


      Adobe, this is a serious problem. Please help me fix it (I cannot deal with the overseas support debacle anymore).




      Thank you.