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    The text in my PDF is not showing up on some tablets/mobile devices

    samsonl89442911 Level 1

      I created a document using InDesign CC 2017 using Mac Sierra. I exported the document as a PDF. I can view the PDF without any problems on my desktop, but many of the recipients are having trouble viewing the PDF on mobile devices or tablets. When they open the PDF, the text and images are gone. They only see my footer and a single shape, like this:

      Screen Shot of Pattern.png


      One of the recipients of the PDF, sent me this message:

      "On my laptop (OS: Mac Sierra), I'm able to read the attachment just fine.  On my phone (Android 6.0.1, aka: Marshmallow), I can download the attachment just fine.  On my main tablet (Android 5.1.1, aka: Lollipop), I had the issue some of your testers were having (which is when I began to suspect this was a software issue).  On my tablet, I uploaded the attachment to both clouds that I use (Dropbox and Google Drive) even though I couldn't read the attachment.  When I downloaded the attachment from each cloud, I could read them just fine."


      Can anyone help me to fix this problem? Thank you!