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    First Look at IE8 RC1

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      "First Look - Microsoft quietly released the first update to its IE8 beta 2
      to its closest partners last week. This new version is marked as "Release
      Candidate 1" and is expected to be the final IE8 pre-release update
      Microsoft intends to make available to the public sometime in the first
      quarter of 2009.

      ...Another disappointment is IE8's Acid3 score. While Microsoft promised to
      make the browser more compatible with web standards, it trails every other
      browser in this major standards compatibility test by a substantial margin.

      IE8 RC1 scores 12/100 (the same as IE8 beta 2), which clearly will
      disappoint web designers and developers that heavily use CSS. In comparison,
      Firefox 3.1 beta 2, officially released on December 8, scores 93/100,
      Firefox 3.0.4 scores 71/100, Google Chrome 1.0 comes in at 79/100 and Safari
      3.1 scores 75/100. It is worth noting that Safari 4 beta as well as Opera 10
      Alpha already scored 100/100.

      For sake of reference, IE 7 scores 12/100 just like IE 8. To be fair, that
      number increases to 21/100 in IE8, if the window is left open for an
      extended period of time (several minutes).

      While the browser did not crash during preliminary testing, this build is
      not meant for widespread public use and still contains several bugs.
      According to Microsoft, Facebook compatibility is still a known issue with
      the browser. Currently, the function "Add friend to list" causes IE8 to

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