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    Best solution to time stamp / lock a document, and track / prevent any changes being made?

    brettb2017 Level 1

      Hi there, I'm starting a private practice for a few hours a month in a healthcare context.  I would like to write and store my reports and progress notes electronically, without spending an arm and a leg on a documentation system.  My professional college requires that the system must:

      -lock and timestamp documents when I add my electronic signature

      -retain a copy of the original text if I were to change anything after signing.


      I'm wondering what the best solution to this would be?  I know I could potentially add an electronic signature and timestamp to documents, but I'm concerned that if I were to alter the document, then the original copy would be lost (though the signature would be 'invalidated').  Are there any solutions where the original text is preserved, or at least where the text is completely unalterable?


      Any input would be appreciated!