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    Upgrading from RoboInfo to RH7

      I am in the trial period for RH7 and cannot seem to get any assistance that is useful. It appears the project I completed in RoboInfo has now loaded into RH7 but I am encountering several issues.

      1. If I previously edited a page using FrontPage (which I had to move to when Adobe quit supporting RoboInfo) when I try to edit in RH, Frontpage launches. Seemed weird but didn't really bother me until it started telling me the page didn't exist anymore.

      2. I have no idea how to publish this. I get all kinds of messages when I try to generate layout or batch generate so I'm assuming this is user error on my part since I'm using "old ways" in a new program. The options I had previously aren't there - obviously and when I try to click on the help button the help window doesn't even open all the way - therefore NOT HELPFUL!

      Adobe Tech support won't help until we purchase the product but if I can't figure it out and get it working we won't be buying it! Can anyone assist me here? Direct me to something I can understand. I like the old version because it seemed extremely user friendly and I'm thinking I'm in over my head at this point.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Kay

          For the first issue, try clicking Tools > Options... > Tool Locations tab. Near the bottom, choose "Use Default Editor". That will prevent FrontPage from opening.

          For the second issue, I'm thinking you may be "stuck" in the RoboInfo way of thinking. I believe that product just "Published" to a version of the RoboEngine. But I could be wrong about that. I think we need more info in order to properly assist you on that one.

          Cheers... Rick
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            kayarth Level 1
            WOO HOO!!! Thank you for helping me find the default editor!!!

            For my second issue I'm at a loss for how to get my project from RH to our intranet. I don't understand "FlashHelp" WebHelp" etc.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again

              Basically WebHelp and FlashHelp exist as a "Swarm" of files. Perhaps you have 20 topic files. You would possibly end up with 217 output files to distribute. But don't let that alarm you. What happens if those 20 files increase to 200? You would end up with possibly 463 files to distribute. So it's a diminishing ratio.

              Basically you generate the help and the files and folders should end up in a folder off the root of your hard drive. You would then copy the files from your hard drive to the intranet. Exactly how that will happen depends on a few different factors. It's possible that you would have unrestricted access and would simply be able to copy the files yourself. Or, you might have to copy the files to an intermediate location and advise another party that the intermediate location is ready to be copied to the final location on the server.

              Hopefully that helps... Rick