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    Best hardware for CS4?

      From what I read some users seem to have big problems with running CS4.

      My guess is that its mostly related to their system setup, hardware and software.
      I run CS4 fine on XP/Intel/ATI Radeon, except for the text/properties panel thing.

      But now I am going to buy a new system, so why not then get something that CS4 really, really likes.
      I need CS4 working fine, and I am going to change whichever parts it takes until it works. (Good thing that hardware is cheap nowadays.)

      From what I understand, XP 32-bit seems to be the most stable system, and that suits me fine. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any versions better than other? SP2 good, or SP3? Languages?

      And Intel seems to be the most stable processor, right? Anything particular here that I should look out for? Should I get dual core or quadrupel core? Any special motherboards recommended? Memory? Tuning issues?

      And lastly the GPU. Today I've got ATI Radeon and the properties panel bug might be related to that. Is it correct that Nvidia seems to work better? Any particular models?

      Wouldn't it be a good idea if everyone that has CS4 working **FINE**, would post their hardware/software setup in this thread? I am sure I wouldn't be the only one appreciating that...

      I mean, Flash is a great tool, and I love the new features in CS4, like the new motion tweening for instance - so I am more than happy to build a good system around CS4 to make it run properly.