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    About Canvas and Images

      Hello guys, I'm new here but I'm working Adobe Flex about 3 months. Now I have an strange problem (or Flex issue, I don't know yet):

      My components works bassically with Canvas and Images, I have one component called ViewComponent that is bassically a Canvas and another called ImageComponent that is a Image. Both have Flex Components (mxml) and ActionScript classes.

      Ok, for now is all ok, the problem starts when i add ImageComponent in ViewComponent, the Image don't respect Canvas size and get bigger then the Canvas! I solved this adding a Canvas inside ImageComponent class and then Image on it and worked properly but I can't do this to my application because:

      1st - It's not an good Oriented Object practice.
      2nd - I need to implement control for image and canvas, sometimes moving, scaling and I need use "this" code because it extends RotatableScalable class.
      3rd - Bassically I don't wanna change any Canvas properties, only image at this time

      Any idea?

      Thx for all.