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    Raw Import/Export - Automatic dead pixels correction


      Dear all,

      I just need confirmation if Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Lightroom CC apply the automatic dead pixels correction during RAW file import or JPEG/TIFF file export.

      This question because my Fuji X-T10 has some dead pixels I can clearly see by "in-camera jpeg" files but after RAW import, post-production and JPEG saving by Lightroom (both in mobile or CC versions) I never seen them. Dead pixels seem disappeared.


      So, can it depend by Lightroom automatic correction during import or export actions?


      Thank you very much in advance.



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think Adobe Camera Raw, either in Photoshop or Lightroom has always removed dead pixels. I’m not sure if it works with jpeg files but it should be automatic with raw files.

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            elie_di Level 4

            So far as I know the removal of dead pixels is integrated into the Raw demosaicer algorithm - dead (and therefore black) pixels are disregarded if they deviate by a certain threshold from the values of their neighboring pixels. During import the only thing that happens, other than data entry to the catalog, is the processing of previews, but since they are themselves demosaiced color renditions, the dead pixels will have been removed. And during export the Raw data is again rendered, beginning with demosaicing. But since jpgs and other already rendered RGB images do not undergo this preliminary processing, dead pixels would not be removed.

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              federicov43200343 Level 1

              Thank you very much.

              So, if I well understand, you are confirming me that dead pixels (precisely my case is relevant to the black pixels) are effectively removed during raw files import/export processing in Lightroom and the same correction cannot be done on jpeg files because there is not the demosaicing process, correct?

              So, if I shoot in raw I solve the black/dead pixels problem anyway!