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    New to this - feedback please!


      Hi all,


      I'm new to being a contributor and had a couple of my images rejected yesterday. Just wondering if anyone fancies giving me some feedback about why they were rejected.  The repeat pattern one on the pale pink background apparently had a 'technical issue' - no idea what? And the bright pink one, no 'aesthetic appeal', which is weird as they allowed another one that was quite similar but with more muted colours.


      I know I'm a novice at this and am actually really happy that a couple of my pieces were accepted, I'd like to get a few hints about what's wrong with these ones so I don't make the same mistake again.





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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I find it very odd to have very computer-generated looking sharp circles and blurred circles with an image that has very organic crayon/pencil art as well. I feel like you should pick one. Either make a CG illustration or make one that looks hand-made. The mix is disconcerting.

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            Cathie_live Level 1

            Hi Szalam,


            Thanks for your feedback. Totally understand what you mean. I recently got an iPadPro and have been playing around with the ProCreate App, there's so many tools to try out so maybe I need to rethink the use of them with some of my work in future. The 'less is more' rule. Not quite sure it's 'disconcerting', but I get what you mean. I'll amend the image and try submitting it again and see if your suggestion is what they didn't like about it.