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    Exporting squeezed anamorphic


      I received some footage 2944 x 2160 shot on Arrir Mini in 4:3. (Shot Optically Anamorphic at 2x).

      The footage is "squeezed" in preview/quicktime (As it should be).


      This has been my workflow.

      - Import Footage > Interpret > Change Pixel to 2.0

      - Drag Footage into new comp.

      - Toggle Pixel Aspect Ration Correction

      - Do needed work.


      Now trying to export BACK the way it came, so it's easy for them to just re-link the file.

      However, it's always being exported as "De-squeezed". (Same resolution just w/ a 2.0 pixel ratio).


      How do i export it w/ a 1.0 pixel aspect ration the way it came to me.