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    Formating errors during Import

      Hi All,

      I'm at my wits end with this one and I'm hoping somebody can help. I've tried this in the Word version and the HTML version.

      Whenever I've used Robohelp in the past I've written documents from scratch, but now I find myself in import territory and nothing seems to work the way I would like.

      A colleague and I have a document set of roughly 30 docs and we need to covert them to HTML format to create an online help solution. Every time we import the Doc files Robohelp seems to make a mess of the formating - font change, gaps appear between lines and paragraphs, bullet numbering goes crazy, etc. I think it has something to do with the Headings used in the original docs but I'm not entirely sure.

      Something else that keeps happening is that we get topics that consist of just the subject heading, while the main 'body' is placed somewhere completely differnt in the TOC.

      Does anybody have any expereince of importing from Word into Robohelp, and if so have you got any suggestions for how I might make this less painful and more easy? Would I do better simply rewriting the material straight into RH, rather than trying to import it, for example.

      We've tried this in both versions of RH (HTML and Word) and we get disappointingly mixed results every time. Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance,