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    Tools not sticking in Acrobat X Pro

    Mike James Level 1


      Every time I add the 'Place Signature' quick tool (or any quick tool, but place signature is the one I'm always going for), Acrobat X Pro never stores the quick tool after I close the PDF document.  If I open a new PDF document/window while I have an existing one open with a new quick tool added, the recently added quick tool appears on the new PDF document/window, but if I close all of my opened PDF files, I have to re-add the quick tool again upon re-opening Acrobat.  However, I do have other quick tools that I had added before Acrobat X Pro stopped storing new quick tools and the old quick tools appear every time I open Acrobat (i.e. text box, rectangle, line, add bookmark, etc.)


      My System

      • Dell/Windows 7
      • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
      • Starting Version: 10.1.1


      Troubleshooting Attempts

      • Repaired install from Control Panel and Acrobat Pro, no fix
      • Updated Acrobat X Pro to 10.1.16, no fix
      • Checked the "Restore last view settings..." box (was originally unchecked), no fix
      • Adding quick tools from both right-clicking on the quick tool bar and dragging from tools pane, no fix
      • Resetting tools bars (now my old quick tools that were stored are now gone), further degraded
      • Reinstalled Acrobat X Pro using Control Panel, Adobe CC Cleaner Tool, and fresh download of Adobe Web Premium CS6, no fix



      • I can add and delete the common tools (i.e. page navigation, etc.) and they will store, but not all of them will: 'Acutal Size', 'Fit Width' (in Select & Zoom nor Page Display), and 'Marquee Zoom' are the ones I selected that didn't store.  I was able to add all of the common tools from Rotate View and Page Navigation.
      • I can change the order of the existing quick tools and the order will store.
      • Adobe Acrobat X Pro does not have a "Sign In" or any online features to my knowledge, so there is no syncing issue.
      • Properites of quick tools (i.e. font size, color, border thickness, background color, etc.) do no store either.
      • To add on to my "always going for" place signature comment above, Acrobat is also not storing my one and only signature file.


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